"Original CEW" History (2007-2013)

1/6/07 - West Chester, IA

CEW promotes its inaugural show

1/6/07 - West Chester, IA

"Delicious" Devin Carter defeats Gage Octane to become the first CEW Champion

3/3/07 - West Chester, IA

Talent debut from all over the midwest, including Arya Daivari

3/17/07 - Barnes City, IA

CEW goes on the road for St. Patricks Day

6/2/07 - Sigourney, IA

CEW partners with the American Cancer Society for a midnight show in the streets of Sigourney

6/23/07 - Oskaloosa, IA

CEW debuts in Oskaloosa

1/5/08 - Oskaloosa, IA

1 Year Anniversary with WWE Star Scotty 2 Hotty

1/13/08 - Delta, IA

WWE Star Shawn Daivari holds a training camp

3/8/08 - Oskaloosa, IA

TNA Star Chase Stevens debuts

8/9/08 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Scotty 2 Hotty & Evan Jordan team up

8/23/08 - West Union, IA

CEW holds an event at WU-Stock with West Union's own Shawn Nautilus

9/13/08 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Trevor Murdoch debuts

10/31/08 - Wellman, IA

The CEW Academy officially opens

11/1/08 - Wellman, IA

WWE Star Al Snow holds a training camp

11/1/08 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Al Snow & Mike Sydal team up

1/10/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

2 Year Anniversary featuring women's wrestling between Amy Hennig & MsChif

2/7/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

Evan Jordan captures the CEW Championship in a Steel Cage Main Event

5/9/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

Team Oskaloosa defeats Team Black Sheep, Mic Meyhem is suspended for 90 days

6/27/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Rosey holds a training camp

8/8/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Rosey wins the Iowa Championship

9/27/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

Summers Car Credit & CEW partner to collect food for the Oskaloosa Food Pantry

11/7/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

Underdogg defeats Stephen Stonebraker to win the CEW Championship

12/12/09 - Oskaloosa, IA

Brian Gott & Supafli defeat WWE Star Shawn & Arya Daivari

1/9/10 - Oskaloosa

Evan Jordan wins the Iowa Championship

6/12/10 - Sigourney, IA

For the 4th year in a row, CEW partners with the American Cancer Society for a midnight show

12/11/10 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Stars Scotty 2 Hotty & Al Snow headline CEW Attitude during a major snowstorm

3/25/11 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Zach Gowen defeats Tim Rhodes at William Penn University

3/26/11 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Stars Zach Gowen and Simon Dean compete against each other in tag-team action

10/28/11 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race is a special guest at William Penn University

11/3/12 - Oskaloosa, IA

Legends return for a CEW Reunion Show

1/5/13 - Oskaloosa, IA

Oskaloosa News captures an iconic fish hook delivered by Donnie Peppercricket to Brian Gott

2/2/13 - Oskaloosa, IA

Devin Carter retains the CEW Championship against Austin Bayliss

3/1/13 - Moravia, IA

WWE Star Zach Gowen defeats Jaysin Strife at a Moravia MoHawk Fundraiser Show

3/2/13 - Oskaloosa, IA

WWE Star Zach Gowen is defeated by Devin Carter in a CEW Championship Match

5/11/13 - Oskaloosa, IA

Evan Jordan retires

11/9/13 - Oskaloosa, IA

CEW promotes its final event

"CEW Version 2" History (2016-present)

11/5/16 - Oskaloosa, IA

CEW returns after 3 years

4/1/17 - Oskaloosa, IA

Rory Fox defeats Shawn Nautilus to win the CEW Championship

9/30/17 - Oskaloosa, IA

Dinn T. More returns to CEW, now wrestling as ROH Star Beer City Bruiser

9/30/17 - Oskaloosa, IA

Rory Fox, Devin Carter, Brandon Wallace and Axel Greece form the Honor Roll

11/18/17 - Oskaloosa, IA

Devin Carter & Brandon Wallace retain the CEW Tag-Team Championships in a TLC Match

11/18/17 - Oskaloosa, IA

The Honor Roll unmasks Supafli

2/3/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

Women's wrestling returns

2/3/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

CEW Original Tony Storm defeats Rory Fox and wins the CEW Championship

4/7/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

Donnie Peppercricket & Tim Rhodes win the CEW Tag-Team Championships

4/7/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

Donnie Peppercricket becomes the 1st Inductee in the CEW Hall of Fame

5/1/18 - Las Vegas, NV

Tony Storm receives the Men's Wrestling Award at the Cauliflower Alley Club

7/27/18 - Keota, IA

CEW performs for an estimated 35,000 RAGBRAI riders biking through Keota

8/3/18 - Cantril, IA

CEW performs at Cantril DAYZ

8/4/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

CEW Original Brian Gott retires

8/4/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

Shawn Nautilus attacks Tony Storm and Rory Fox during the CEW Championship Cage Match

8/23/18 - Keokuk, IA

L-Treyns & Mancountry present CEW with WWE Stars Carlito, Barbarian & Trevor Murdoch

10/6/18 - Sigourney, IA

The little man Chad Strong puts on a big show in Sigourney, women's wrestling returns, and Shawn Nautilus cuts a memorable promo.

11/3/18 - Oskaloosa, IA

Rory and Tony

Rory and Tony team up to take on Big n' Tasty