Current Champions

CEW Champion


Shawn Nautilus

CEW Tag-Team Champions


"D & T Dynasty" Donnie Peppercricket & 

Tim Rhodes

Ladies Champion


Savanna Stone

Mens Roster

Rory Fox

"Rapid Delivery"

Shawn Nautilus

CEW Champion

JT Energy

"The 6-Star Booty"

Trevor Murdoch

Chad Strong

"World's Strongest Little Man"

Steve Manders

"The Hawkeye"

Brandon Wallace


Devin Carter


Axel Greece

"The Manager Supreme"

Curt Gannon

"The Suplex Cyclone"

Supafli J Fowler

"Buns of Steel"

The Storm

"CAC Inductee"

Donnie Peppercricket

"The Pop Icon"

Tim Rhodes


Duke Cornell


Jah C



Ladies Roster


Savanna Stone

Ladies Champion

Valentina Loca

Allie Recks