Current Champions

CEW Champion

Tony Storm

CEW Tag-Team Champions

Donnie Peppercricket & Tim Rhodes
"D & T Dynasty"

Main Roster

Rory Fox

"Wrestling's Original Reality TV Star"

Jaden Roller

"The Heart Throb"

JT Energy

"The 6 Star Booty"

Brandon Wallace


Devin Carter


Axel Greece

"The Manager Supreme"

Shawn Nautilus

Currently "Holding" Championship Belt

Supafli J Fowler

"Buns of Steel"

Tony Storm

CAC Award Winner and CEW Champion

Donnie Peppercricket

"The Pop Icon"

Tim Rhodes

Voted 2018 Breakout Star

Deonn Rusman

"Alaska's Finest"

Willy Sweet

"The Candyman"

Duke Cornell

"The Copperhead"

Curt Gannon

"The Suplex Cyclone"